The Pale follows Franklin Ink (Fink), a reserved FBI linguist - and bird enthusiast - as he searches for a mysterious killer from his past. His search takes him to Rocket Ridge, a small Arizona town bordering the Navajo Nation.

With help from the sheriff’s department, Fink hopes to track down the killer while keeping one little secret from the Sheriff– he’s face blind.

Crime Drama / Mystery / Small Town / Supernatural


Comixcentral's Nominee for Comic of the Year Awards

  • Announced January 7th, 2019

Comixcentral's Comic of the Week

  • Comic of the Week, November 19th, 2018

Ghost City Comics Competition

  • Best Writing Winner 2017
  • Best Single Issue Runner Up 2017

StArt Faire’s Excellence in Webomics Awards

  • Honorable Mention Writing 2016
  • Honorable Mention Horror/Mystery 2016

The Creators

Sanders Fabares (pronounced FAB-ray)is the first half of the creative team. As the writer, he is trying to make sense of the ideas that Jay has… while trying to keep his sanity.
twitter: @sandman4j

Jay Fabares (also pronounced FAB-ray) is the other half. She’s helping shape the story with general outlines as well as drawing and lettering… she’s already crazy. twitter: @wootjay

This husband/wife team collaborate on the page layouts, edits to the script, and take turns making coffee.
Thanks for reading!

Contact us at: thepalecomic@gmail.com