by AgentFink 

“Interview on Titular Characters with Eva Webb”


A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast with Eva Webb talking about the creation process and how we go about our comic.

I think it's pretty fun, Sanders thinks I did great-- so check it out!
by AgentFink 

“Time-lapse in Clip Studio”



I've been doing some time-lapse vids in Clip Studio to show off some trouble I had with the pages I'm remastering. This one is 5 minutes and deals with coloring/rendering the 3D models in a way that fit with the overall aesthetic.

This is my starting point. Trying to adjust the layout to be more easily read.

This is from Chapter 1, page 26 or 27.

When I showed Sanders my initial layout, he insisted that the first 3 panels remained from the first layout.
You can see how the flow changed by removing that one panel of Fink at his desk.
So I went back and redid it.

I then went back to my standard panel format, we can save the fancy out of the box panels for special moments. It made more sense.

by AgentFink 

“Baby on Board”

We had some big life events that we needed to wrap our head around-- we're having a baby!

So for the past month or so we've been trying to get doctor appointments, learning about different foods, stressing about when to tell family etc. The baby news had... taken us by surprise, so now that the "secret" is out, I'm hoping I can focus a bit more on the comic.

Chapter 9 art is done, we just need to edit. We'll put that up in the store (and the dropbox for monthly supporters) as soon as we can! I'll try to update with new news when I can :D Thanks for supporting The Pale!
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