posted October 30, 2018

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November 2, 2018


I just finished binging and I could effuse about so many great things going on in this comic but I'll just pick a few:

1) I'm loving how much you set up the dynamic between Fink and the local cops. So many people go for "one side is good and one side is bad" but everyone is so human and sympathetic so seeing them meet and start to clash is exciting and anxiety-inducing.

2) The art. Obviously. Is amazing. And the way you use it to show his condition is so cool.

3) The slow spooky build up to whatever the heck is going on. You've given us time to just soak up the atmosphere and it makes the peeks into the dark all the more enticing. I just wanna wander around in this creepy little town.

4) Dawn Knotts. lol

Keep up the great work!!

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November 5, 2018


oh my-- thank you!!!

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October 3, 2019


Well, I couldn't say it better than LeRenardRoux and I agree with everything.

(Plus, IMHO every character is well-written, even the minor ones.)

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