posted November 13, 2018

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November 13, 2018


Yeah. Reading books is such a lost art. Yes, I read webcomics, but I like reading them in print too.

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November 13, 2018


yeah, I try to keep up with my novels, but I fall behind.
I seemed to have more time reading for fun when I was younger!

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October 3, 2019


About that - I love to read but these days I hardly find the time to read longer texts.

Comics are different: Even though I can read text about twice as fast as I can speak, the view of a comic page tells me about the set-up of the situation a way I can... digest/grasp in a blink, all at once, even though the details still need some time to sink in - it is a more "real-world-alike" way to learn about a situation than reading a description and processing it into an image by myself. There is still text to read, but reading speech in a comic is about as sequential as hearing it spoken.

Thus, IMHO, comics are about in the middle between books and movies.

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