"The Pale digs into its characters and its location (...) to create a highly enjoyable comic experience."
Christa Harader, Outright Geekery

"(...) one of very few comics which has this review chomping at the bit for more." 
James Blundell, Pipedream Comics

"This was impressive."
David Howard, Comic Crusders 

"Clan Fabares knows how to tell a story."
Paul, The Pullbox

Episode 41 Indie Comix Club reacts to Chapter 5-- 1 hour 2 minutes in

“(…) get into it while it’s fresh,“ 

Server Panda, Under The Ink 

Episode 29 Indie Comix Club reviews Chapter 4-- 41 minutes in


Episode 16, Podcast from Indie Comix Club review Ch3, 53 minutes in


Episode 10, Podcast from Indie Comix Club review Ch2, 12 minutes in


Episode 4, Podcast from Indie Comix Club review Ch1, at 27 minutes in

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“Sanders and Jay have successfully hooked me with their creation here and I can’t wait to see what happens next,“

 Rob, IndieComiX


“Skillfully written, beautifully-crafted, The Pale is an engrossing mystery that draws you in with every new panel,“

 Morgan Quaid, Super Serious Comics


quick video review from 

Comic Uno and Short Fuse Media

“The Pale is a promising comic from a team who clearly enjoy the medium(…) This is a series that’s worth believing in,“

 Jamie,  The Comic Vault


“The Pale ticks all the boxes. Perfect timing, great dialogue, and realistic characters,”

Mike Speakman, The Indie Index


“(…) a really great first issue that is sure to want you asking for more,”

 Joshua Rathburn, Outright Geekery!

“Small towns and murder mysteries go together like peas and carrots.”

Ashley Wertz, Comicverse


“There’s still plenty to be revealed, but the hints so far are delicious.”

Sarah Hunter, The Booklist Reader


“The Pale, (…) offers a unique, diverse cast of characters in an intriguing black and white mystery.”

Ben Howard, Loser-City