Chapter: The Ranch Page: 8.34


Chapter: The Ranch Page: 8.34

November 11, 2021

Author Notes

November 11, 2021 Thanks for reading! As you may know, we've been expecting our first baby in November, and she should be earth side by the time you read this!

We are on our usual holiday hiatus, and this blog update sorta outlines what to expect from team Pale in the next few months.

Thanks for sticking with us and we hope to catch up with y'all soon! Enjoy your holidays!


November 12, 2021 Whoa! What *is* that thing in the bag?? More intrigue! Likely this is what the pursuer is after... Can't wait to find out what happens next!
November 15, 2021 I don't know enough about the culture but it COULD be some sort of ritual mask (as what a medicine-man or shaman might wear.)
It doesn't seem like "space alien" head-wear. It's too organic-looking, like it was made from plant and animal fibers.
November 16, 2021 i have also heard tell that aliens disdain plant and animal fibers, preferring organic living metal compounds and hybridized nano-tech plastics.
November 13, 2021 y'all are the best! have a great magical autumn, and we'll see you on the flip side!
November 16, 2021 I really love the joke in the first panel. (Only inhabitants of the U.S. Southwest will know what's funny about it.)
November 17, 2021 Aha! A hockey player!
December 10, 2021 Heed the "limit", all that jive, I can't drive … 55!
December 19, 2021 Congrats! ~ Puck
December 28, 2021 Caught up! Again.
And I believe that's Coyote in that bag, sowing FUN, His style...

And I'm willing to bet this comment won't show either 😔☹

Welcome to parenthood! And to your little girl, new eyes on our old planet. May her life be long, happy, with just enough to keep her comfortable and not spoiled... well, ~too much!

Will be glad to meet up with you again in the new year.
December 28, 2021 Hey Meran! So glad you enjoyed the story! And I’m not sure why you’re not seeing your comments, but I see them along with everyone else’s?

Thanks for the well wishes!
January 4, 2022 It was prob some glitch. I can see them now!

Loving the comic... picture me stamping my feet in impatience, lol
January 4, 2022 Nope. New ones aren't being shown again! Oh well, I'll keep posting as long as you DO see them!
January 29, 2022 i'm seeing them over here, Meran. keep trying! it's not wasted effort.
January 10, 2022 Probably Country-Western on the radio. Eeeee-hah!
January 29, 2022 i was thinking Robbie Robertson's "Contact from the Underworld of Redboy" or maybe The Halluci Nation (formally known as A Tribe Called Red). but i'm old fashioned
February 6, 2022 Just checking in...

How's the baby? First 6 months are BUSY. Are you getting enough sleep? Also, eat _really well_, you'll need it! Especially once they begin walking!
February 6, 2022 Aw, thanks Meran! Baby is doing well-- she's almost 3 months old now! We've learned how to function around her sleep schedule and we can't remember what life was like before her :) we're hoping to get back to Ch 9 edits soon, but I've been busy getting back to work on the remastered work... trying to get ready for comic con :)
February 10, 2022 Pale Web Comic country makes an appearance here, in a sarcastic quote of a Snopes "mostly false" rating that reads "inconveniently true" to normal readers - is the article.
It is indeed "harm reduction", but it does target more such harm reduction resources like crack pipes to "traditionally underserved communities" ... because the Four Corners area really needs more crack pipes, because the saloons aren't bad enough.
There's an argument to be made for this sort of thing, but perhaps instead of denying the really skeevy look, supporters could make it.
February 15, 2022 I don't think I mention enough how much I love this story. Just sent it to someone who was asking about proso as well. it's amazing. Always love getting more of it
April 12, 2022 Hello. I have been coming to this page since last year, each week, with hope for a new episode, but there is no change, no announcement, nothing about a relaunch or continuation, or something. I wonder if the authors are ok, hope they are. I just would like to know: is this comic dead? It would be such a pity, it is (was?) so interesting: great story, great characters... Forgive me if such information is somewhere else, I could not find it.
April 12, 2022 Hi! we're not dead, just adjusting to life with a new baby and remastering the first arc for San Diego Comic Con :)
I tweet as much as I can (typically later in the evening because I take care of the baby during the day).

Earlier this year I had hand surgery, so I was also recovering from that as well. Ch 9 IS done, Sanders and I just need to edit a section before we post. It's been an adjustment-- sorry!

You can keep up to date on the blog area or on my other social meeds.
Thanks for being concerned! I'll see if I can speed things up on those chapter 9 edits.
June 1, 2022 Well somebody finally asked that question and I'm sure a lot of readers have been thinking the same thing. And there's actually an answer!
I can remember the first couple of Comic Cons here in San Diego (where it all started) but after that it became almost impossible to get in. But it's still a Big Deal for the writers and artists so we have to respect that, even though we many not be able to attend.
June 2, 2022 Oh yeah, I'm still around and I appreciate everyone's patience! It's been hard with the baby, but I am making progress with the remastered work. It looks good tho my husband thinks I can take it easy for the other chapters-- we'll see!
June 14, 2022 I'm really happy to see this comic isn't dead! Congrats on the baby.
June 21, 2022 Just checking in. Baby growing is busy, isn't it? 😆

Let's see, the child should be teething and parents might have figured out how to tag team sleeping times. 😉

I hope things are well with all if you 💚
June 22, 2022 Oh yeah, baby is sleeping through the night yet parents are always tired??? I hear this never ends :P

I'm just about done with remastering Ch 5, should finish that today and then it's chapter 6-- then San Diego Comic Con. Fingers crossed I can get this done in time!
July 19, 2022 I’m so excited to be able to see you both at Comic-Con! I do hope you enjoy the song I wrote for you! If not, I can write another (any excuse to head to the recording studio.) This is such a great story, and the art is fabulous.
July 19, 2022 We love the song! If you want to write another-- we highly encourage it! :D
August 25, 2022 The remastered book is AMAZING! Great job on making what was already excellent even better.
I’m looking forward to the next installment and writing more songs. 😀
August 27, 2022 So glad you enjoyed it. I think it reads so much better and having it collected like that helps with noticing all those little details in the art and the story :)
January 1, 2023 Callng it. Date of death November 11, 2021. Sigh.
January 1, 2023 Nah, we're hoping to come back this year with Chapter 9. We've been very busy this past year with the baby, San Diego Comic Con and other family issues. We talk about The Pale all the time-- just life gets in the way?

I think a year off to spend with my baby isn't asking much from readers, right?
January 25, 2023 Well i don't recall paying your salary, so: no.
March 18, 2023 I'm excited that this comic isn't dead, just on hiatus. I check it every so often, looking forward to whenever it picks back up!
March 19, 2023 Thanks! It's been hard with the baby-- but we ARE trying! In fact, a week or so ago Sanders went over the edits for chapter 9 -- I just need to go over them. However, our life situation is changing and the need for me to earn income is the main priority atm. And with that, my time is very limited on the art side. Sanders tries to get in some writing here and there, so he can move faster than me.

I'm glad readers are checking up on us. We're still here-- and I check the site every week... I'm anxious to get working on the next bit too!

May 12, 2023 Thanks for continuing to respond. The fact you haven't simply ghosted your readers, like so many authors of moribund comics do, gives me hope for The Pale's return.
May 12, 2023 Of course! I'm just glad that readers know we're still around, I check the site everyday in fact-- to respond to comments. Life just has bad timing atm :(
April 5, 2023 I wonder if Fink and/or Logan will attempt to get their hands on a camera drone, to survey places that are hard to get to. Who knows what or who Fink and Logan might find?
April 11, 2023 Welcome! And that is a good idea-- *takes notes* ;)
May 27, 2023 Satellites for that too, and Fink could easily tap into such a resource.
April 13, 2023 I first read this comic back in 2020 right after I'd watched Twin Peaks, checked up on it recently and I had a great time reading through it again :) feel like I got a better handle on the plot now! Looking forward to more updates whenever y'all are ready.
May 12, 2023 I'm glad it makes sense :) I admit, it is better on a binge read.

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