by AgentFink 

“Jan 29, 2022”

Whoa-- Happy New Year?!

Happy to report that baby is fhealthy & well-- can't beleive she's almost 3 months old! Time flies and she is growing quickly (athough she's on the smaller side!) Earlier this month I had to get surgery on both hands to address my severe Carpal Tunnel and Mum's Thumb. No amount of PT was going to fix it apparently and practically the day of I felt instant relief (tho sore from the surgery itself). A few weeks ago grip strength and the ablilty to draw without arm pain allowed me to draw a bit and we'll be working on those Ch 9 edits very soon.

My Kickstarters also got delayed because of my hand issues but I am hoping to get back in the saddle soon. I still have some numbness in my hand, but it's somethign I can live with. Anyways, just checking in and I hope y'all had a great New Year!

Hope to be posting soon-- F\fingers crossed!
by AgentFink 

“Oct 30, 2021”

Hello readers!

As you know, we've been getting ready for our first child for the past 9 months (exciting!) This chapter ends in a few updates just in time for baby. I'm going in for surgery so it'll be a few months before we can get back to the comic. Chapter 9 art is finished but weren't able to get to edits this summer, so we'll try to work on that while getting used to baby. BUT reality is, the new chapter probably won't post until January/Feb 2022.

I've been remastering the first 1-6 chapters for a future collected trade on Kickstarter. Chapter 1's Kickstarter ended this month and I'm currently trying to remaster ch 2 for Kickstarter next year. But progress had slowed down because I developed carpal tunnel during the last few weeks of preganacy. Hopefully when baby arrives in early Nov the symptoms will be gone and I can get back to work on the comic.

We've been enjoying your comments on these last few pages and we can not wait to share chapter 9 with you. We hope you stay with us and know we are coming back as soon as possible. We're still around and you can reach us through our social meeds , DM, or by leaving a comment. 

I'll try to update my Ko-Fi & Newsletter with updates from The Pale! We're looking forward to hope our first holiday season as parents, but we're just letting you know we're not forgetting our first baby. The Pale will return.

Enjoy your Holidays!

- Jay, Sanders & Baby

by AgentFink 

“The Pale Wiki”

I just wanted to let you know, that the Kickstarter has funded (yay) and continues until Thursday Sept 23rd (9am PST).
The other news is:
a dedicated reader has started a wiki page for The Pale!

Isn't that CRAZY?! They had asked me for some help on identifying some birds, and I'll maybe go in to correct a few details (as they are not known) but for the most part--- what a spectacular job! If you have a chance, check it out! We can't believe how organized it is! Very fun little factoids and trivia. 

It feels like we made it somehow XD 

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