by AgentFink 

“Jan 29, 2022”

Whoa-- Happy New Year?!

Happy to report that baby is fhealthy & well-- can't beleive she's almost 3 months old! Time flies and she is growing quickly (athough she's on the smaller side!) Earlier this month I had to get surgery on both hands to address my severe Carpal Tunnel and Mum's Thumb. No amount of PT was going to fix it apparently and practically the day of I felt instant relief (tho sore from the surgery itself). A few weeks ago grip strength and the ablilty to draw without arm pain allowed me to draw a bit and we'll be working on those Ch 9 edits very soon.

My Kickstarters also got delayed because of my hand issues but I am hoping to get back in the saddle soon. I still have some numbness in my hand, but it's somethign I can live with. Anyways, just checking in and I hope y'all had a great New Year!

Hope to be posting soon-- F\fingers crossed!


January 29, 2022 Hey, that's great news!

I'm glad it's all turning out well.
January 29, 2022 Glad the surgery has helped. It's amazing how many webcomic creators are suffering physical ailments these days.
January 29, 2022 Glad your CT Surgery turned out better than the Horror Show UK Hospital made of the S*** Show of surgery a friend of mine went through.
Congrats on the baby, enjoy them while little best time.

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