by AgentFink 

“Vol 1. is FINISHED! July 7, 2022”

YES! You heard right!

A lot of long nights, missed weekends, time away from family went into this and we're very proud with how it looks! When we have a physical copy to show you, I'll post it here. The affects of pregnancy really did a number on our timing and schedule, but it looks like we will be ready for San Diego Comic con!

We haven't gone over the edits we needed to do for ch 9 because every waking moment I had went towards getting this ready for SDCC (as you can see, we're pushing it!) With only two weeks to spare, we're putting a rush order for the comics. I'm actually going to be taking a break for a few months to recoup and really enjoy the time with our daughter. It's been nice (well since last night!) to not have to worry about the art while being with her. I hope from here on out things will go more smoothly :> 

Anyways, thanks for your patience. Will update y'all soon!


July 7, 2022 Awesome!
July 30, 2022 YES!
July 7, 2022 Thanks for the info!

Since this is one of the very few comics I'd like to have in paper format, I'm very curious about it. (And about the possibility to get a copy in (or to) Germany).
July 30, 2022 I'll calculate the shipping and we'll figure something out :)
July 15, 2022 Very excited that you are making your way back to the story. Sounds like baby and health issues - all more important - are doing well.
July 30, 2022 Oh yes. I've been super busy. I really had NO IDEA how much I would have to adjust to raise her and work on the comic. A lot of long nights. Sanders schedule is changing too, and he'll have more time on weekends to work on the comic. We need to have that time together, so I am looking forward for The Team to be putting that time in.

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