by AgentFink 

“New Items in the store”

Hello hello!

We finally updated our store front with some new items and old Kickstarter/con exclusives. If you want to own a little peice of The Pale, we have some excellent mini-print postcards and fun stickers! 

by AgentFink 


I am making some postcards and expect to get them in next week. It's been a while since I made any merch, so I am trying to figure out if I should post them to my etsy store or what... So, check back here for more info as I try to figure this out!

There's going to be 7 new designs... here's little snippits of them.

by AgentFink 

“Happy Birthday Fink!”

Today, May 30th-- is actually Fink's Bday! 
I thought him on this day, 7 years ago?! Oh my goodness!
His age was really simple at the time-- he was my age. And when we started posting in 2015, I was 33.
So he'll forever be 33.

Happy Birthday Fink-- it's bene great getting to know you.
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