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“Aug 3, 2021- We're returning to KICKSTARTER”

I can't believe I forgot to post it here, but we're heading to Kickstarter early September! (and where are the dates on these blogs?!)

We're coming back with a remastered chapter 1, with updated art, dialog & layouts. And a chance to get exclusive variant cover variants.

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by AgentFink 

“Monthly Support?!”

Hello Readers!

It finally happened, I set up my Membership tiers on Ko-Fi.
Similar to Patreons tiers, Membership on Ko-Fi is a monthly basis. Unlike Patreon, which charges on the 1st, you can choose the day you want your monthly support to pay out. 

Always want to donate on the 10th of the month? Select a membership level on that date, your payment will go through automatically-- and the following month, and the next, and the month after that!

The Membership tiers are set up similar to my Patreon-- $1, $3, and $5 (from 6 on patreon). I wanted to offer tiers that would fit any readers budget... and really happy that Ko-Fi has now allowed different monthly donation levels. Each tier of course, comes with a little something extra if that's your thing. Check it out! to make a one time donation OR select a Membership level that suits your wallet!

Check out my Post on Ko-Fi about it. And I hope you make a donation (either one time or monthly) :) 

Thanks for reading The Pale!

by AgentFink 

“Interview on Titular Characters with Eva Webb”


A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast with Eva Webb talking about the creation process and how we go about our comic.

I think it's pretty fun, Sanders thinks I did great-- so check it out!
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