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“Ch 8 is ready to go (sorta)”

Chapter 8's been done a long while now, but we still need to edit it. 
However, if you support us monthly, you can get the whole story right now-- in it's unedited glory-- on my Ko-Fi page.

Once it's finished with Editing, you'll then recieve a PDF.

I'll start posting chapter 9 next week-- AS IT IS, rough cut-- maybe 2-3 times a week.
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“Monthly Donations GO!”


Feb 1, 2021

Yup, that’s right!
You can support us monthly, on Ko-Fi
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What do you get?

Access to The Pale Dropbox:

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The Pale posts as a weekly webcomic,
usually taking 6-7 months to finish a chapter.
With your monthly support, you gain access to
past, present + future chapters.

We appreciate our readers & supporters.
You’re a dedicated fan base who has waited patiently
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you can help us take The Pale further.

Thanks for reading.

We’ll see you in Rocket Ridge.
-Jay & Sanders

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“Ko-Fi support”

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