by AgentFink 

“Baby on Board”

We had some big life events that we needed to wrap our head around-- we're having a baby!

So for the past month or so we've been trying to get doctor appointments, learning about different foods, stressing about when to tell family etc. The baby news had... taken us by surprise, so now that the "secret" is out, I'm hoping I can focus a bit more on the comic.

Chapter 9 art is done, we just need to edit. We'll put that up in the store (and the dropbox for monthly supporters) as soon as we can! I'll try to update with new news when I can :D Thanks for supporting The Pale!
by AgentFink 

“Floating Coffee!”

You'll notice in the corner that there is a lil' floating Ko-Fi button... that let's you donate without leaving the screen :) 

It's a new feature from Ko-Fi that is pretty neat. And I know, I've been meantioning this a lot lately, but know I appreciate your support, comments, likes, and most of all, your readership.

The most common comment I get is: "this deserves more attention"
Just trying my best on that level and hoping to make it easier for ppl who want to support every now and then.
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by AgentFink 

“Ch 8 is ready to go (sorta)”

Chapter 8's been done a long while now, but we still need to edit it. 
However, if you support us monthly, you can get the whole story right now-- in it's unedited glory-- on my Ko-Fi page.

Once it's finished with Editing, you'll then recieve a PDF.

I'll start posting chapter 9 next week-- AS IT IS, rough cut-- maybe 2-3 times a week.
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