Chapter: Twilight Page: 4.33


Chapter: Twilight Page: 4.33

February 25, 2019
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February 26, 2019 Yeah, those differences count. An animal doesn't pose or undress.
February 26, 2019 you can barely see the selfie stick in this shot.

oh wait, that's a radius and ulna.
February 26, 2019 Has to be some sick twisted ritual...
February 28, 2019 Is that a hole in her hand?
February 28, 2019 nope! That's the white stone that she was found with!
(found Body)
(Fink calls Rocket Ridge about it)
October 3, 2019 "Discovered much closer to the time of death" - indeed, and by a sheriff. "Undressed" and "positioned"... for finding her? Something has changed, for her.

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