Chapter: Twilight Page: 4.34


Chapter: Twilight Page: 4.34

March 4, 2019
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March 4, 2019 lay it all out on the table Fink... I mean... car hood.


March 5, 2019 Oh, wow. Ties a lot together. Although, I'm wondering how much official FBI is in that "us". IIRC, so far Fink has been acting strictly on his own. If he really believes it's a serial killer operating across state lines, why isn't the FBI more directly involved?

Something ain't right - there's still something he's not telling.
March 5, 2019 There is something he is not telling. What is this though? A vendetta against the nationality? The gender? Both?
March 5, 2019 Sad to say, it might be just convenience. Women are generally easier to overpower than men; and preying on isolated, vulnerable women who are already outside the system is a good way to cover your tracks. Just ask the Green River killer.
March 5, 2019 Have you read the comic about the Green River Killer? It's by the lead detectives son!
(here's a link to it on Amazon if interested)

** and I always look fwd to your comments.
March 5, 2019 damn hes about to tell it all
March 5, 2019 Just wanted to add, love the expression on the sheriff's face in the first panel. Shows he's human after all.
March 5, 2019 Thanks! I'm glad that shows, we haven't spent a lot of time with him and wonder what sorta impression he gives readers.
March 7, 2019 Hello, just postin to say that you guys are doing a very good job with this comic. It really fascinates me and keeps me wanting to come back and see if a new page came out.
The story is very intriguing and the chars are amazing.
Congratulations and thank you for this comic!
March 11, 2019 Aw, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the story and have been with us a while. Hope to see you post again!
March 11, 2019 Loving this comic. Thank you for what you do.
October 3, 2019 Hooray for car hoods, what would one do without them in the wild?

Dawn asked the right question - how could all of them be so isolated?

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