Chapter: Blackburn Page: 5.24


Chapter: Blackburn Page: 5.24

September 3, 2019
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September 3, 2019 It's funny what we do when drunk.
September 3, 2019 it is indeed.
September 3, 2019 Oy.
September 3, 2019 oy!
September 4, 2019 Oy?
September 4, 2019 OY!
September 3, 2019 In vino veritas, also written as in uino ueritas, is a Latin phrase that means "in wine lies the truth", suggesting a person under the influence of alcohol is more likely to speak their hidden thoughts and desires.

I had to look that up.
September 4, 2019 Haha-- I may not have known the latin phrase, but that's experience I can relate to.
September 3, 2019 Ha! One of my hundreds of speculations was halfway right! I feel prescient now. :)

Oh, and Logan? Take some advice from O. Henry (The Brief Debut of Tildy): “He ain't anything of a gentleman or he wouldn't ever of apologised."
September 4, 2019 oh-- he's just trying his best.

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