Chapter: Blackburn Page: 5.29


Chapter: Blackburn Page: 5.29

October 7, 2019
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Author Notes

October 7, 2019 EARLY UPDATE! Be sure to check in tomorrow to see the Chapter End page!


October 7, 2019 Now he is really in trouble.
October 7, 2019 haha yes he is.
October 7, 2019 I don't remember this guy, have we seen him before? Seems to be a family resemblance, too. So the kid has been stealing (more than once, looks like) from his Navajo tribal policeman relative? THAT was bound to end well.
October 8, 2019 Nez is one of the Navajo cops from the beginning of this chapter (5.7) ... he was there briefly and didn't say anything really. He can also be seen on 5.11
October 9, 2019 Oh wow, so he's one of *those* guys. Thanks for the links.
October 10, 2019 image
March 25, 2020 Wait what? He really is "Officer Nez" who might have been on the forces but Tribal police still had no record of anything??

Things come together.

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