Chapter: Blackburn Page: 5.30


Chapter: Blackburn Page: 5.30

October 8, 2019
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October 8, 2019 and there we have it! What do you think?! Be sure to leave a comment, tell your friends, follow me on social media for updates!


October 8, 2019 it's times like these i do wish i was on social media somewhere. this great story deserves to be spread around. you know i'm hooked. i can't wait til chapter 6 is for sale so i can read it up. i was even checking through the store yesterday. all the best to y'all while you gear up for the next segment. may inspiration & peace be with you.
October 8, 2019 Thank you :) We won't be gone long.
October 8, 2019 He has a point. He is putting his life down the tubes.
October 8, 2019 I'm sure he has heard this lecture before too.
October 16, 2019 Best way to threaten someone - go talk to their mother!
October 16, 2019 lol- yes!
November 10, 2019 Just binged this whole comic because it's amazing!! Great writing and stellar illustrations. Can't wait to read more!
November 11, 2019 Aw, thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it! We'll be back soon and announce it on our social media and blog :)
March 25, 2020 Nobody here knows the full picture! Myself included.

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