Chapter: Moonbase Page: 6.6


Chapter: Moonbase Page: 6.6

February 3, 2020
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February 5, 2020 the more i think of this as an ancient tomb the more i start to think of those oil drums as totems of some kind, guardians of the dead. somehow even the Mayan hero twins come to mind, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, before they descend into the underworld. though it has to be said, those oil drums are far more reminiscent of the heavy and silent Olmec monoliths, not very Mayan really.
February 6, 2020 I love reading all these comments about this ENTRANCE.
ANDD... check out the NEWS page!
February 11, 2020 wooohooo!! i'm totally there! thanks for the WIP version, too. wheeeee ...

February 7, 2020 Oh no! Caught up!
February 7, 2020 I hope it was a good read Mark ;)
February 8, 2020 Came back to ComicFury after a long break and was excited to see The Pale is still going -- looking forward to catching up! :D The writing and art are so well paired and it's easy to get sucked in (even... when it's not the chapter I left off on).
February 8, 2020 I was wondering where you went! Welcome back~! And don't worry--- we are not going to drop this story. It will come to a conclusion.
November 10, 2022 Hehe “the sixties”… i see what you did here since it’s the 6th page of the 6th chapter! XD

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