Chapter: Moonbase Page: 6.31


Chapter: Moonbase Page: 6.31

July 28, 2020
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July 28, 2020 OH MY GOD. EDGE OF MY SEAT. ARE YOU???
We're approaching the end of the chapter-- check back next week for 3 days of updates!
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday-- and we're done with the first story arc!


July 28, 2020 There. The reason he knows something that he won't tell is because nobody would believe him...?
July 28, 2020 image
July 28, 2020 Well, this is EXTREMELY SINISTER.
July 28, 2020 just wait!
July 28, 2020 OK, besides being creepy as hell, does this have some specific meaning in local myth/folklore? Just don't want to miss any nuances.
July 28, 2020 It's good that you wanna know! BUT that's also part of the story-- we do get to it eventually.
July 28, 2020 one of my favorite pages even if --- uh, i'll wait til next week.
July 28, 2020 Wow, what is it?
July 28, 2020 [[ Inception horn blaring in the distance ]]
July 29, 2020 tfw you go to catch up on The Pale and are greeted by OMINOUS TOP D:
July 29, 2020 image
August 1, 2020 Hey, just wanted to say I got my hardcopy comics! Was going to wait until the hardback came out and then I was like, "Nah, why? You haven't held a comic book in your hands since the Ford administration. It'll be fun!"

And it was. :) I was smiling the whole time I was reading and comparing the experience with my comic books of yore. Size? Smaller than I remembered, but then I'm a little bigger than when I was eight. Paper quality? Better. Color? No, but I knew that. But something's missing...

Took me a while to figure out what it was - halftoning! Apparently in my mind it's not a comic book unless you have mis-registered colored dots.

So there you have it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and thanks for creating this wonderful comic.
August 1, 2020 P.S. - And thanks for the little extras you included with my package. You made my day. :)
August 1, 2020 Aha, that is a while since holding a comic! I'm glad you enjoyed that reading experience.

The Pale works as a webcomic but it is meant to be held, with those page flips and everything-- it's a different feeling! I would say the best printed version is Chapter 3-- that's a different printing method and I really hope to get that again in the future.

Thanks for supporting us! It's a blast having readers sticking with us all these years.

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