Chapter: Run Page: 7.1


Chapter: Run Page: 7.1

August 25, 2020
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August 25, 2020 New chapter! Yay!
August 25, 2020 Not too long a wait!
August 25, 2020 wooohooooo!
August 25, 2020 I know you're excited ;)
August 25, 2020 Aha! Multiple earring holes. She's "fun" and wants the world to know! (Sorry, I have a daughter who has survived into college. She's even more sarcastic than I am, but keeps it very private.)
August 25, 2020 I love your observation ;) She also has a little tattoo on her wrist. (it's a cactus)
August 25, 2020 Hope y'all also like the new LARGER comic format :)
August 27, 2020 What a difference!
August 27, 2020 From the picture (and the comments on Miss Party-Girl) it seems to me that this is where the story starts -with all the previous pages interesting info and background introductions. Good way to build the mystery and suspense. Hitchcock might have been taking notes...!
August 27, 2020 aw shucks.
October 6, 2020 Is that Emma / Miss Bloom?

She had multiple earrings and a bit of a flat nose.

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