Chapter: Run Page: 7.9


Chapter: Run Page: 7.9

October 6, 2020
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October 6, 2020 it's hard to know if this is a DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN moment when practically every page is a DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN moment.

if he's been taping old commercials from between the segments of season one episodes of the Simpsons and receiving secret messages from ancient Babylonian gods ... well ... i guess i'm down for that.

somebody has to decode all this, and Panda is being distracted with Chinese food!
October 6, 2020 did you take reference shots from actual shops to get these perspectives? even the 3D cigarette signs look fabulous. really cool work on all these backgrounds.
October 6, 2020 I use 3D models! It really helps speed up the process of trying different angles and keeping things on model. I've been using 3D models since middle of chapter 3 actually.
October 6, 2020 Otto's house was the first model. ( model from Ch 3)The 2nd panel is just made up stuff without a model.

Fink's motel is also a model (interior and exterior)( Fink's motel)

The beginning of chapter 4 is when I became more comfortable with the program (Sketchup) to make more *sets* (as I call them)
October 6, 2020 Good day to catch up I guess, a day with a new page.

Is it the coyote, or did Ronnie steal the gun from him?

At first I thought that Ronnie would be the coyote, but he doesn't seem the type. Although he has the mischievous part I guess. Coyote wouldn't have been caught if he didn't want to.

I found out about coyote first from Patricia Briggs' novels, and later from Gunnerkrigg (not sure if it's ok to mention other comics here, nobody else seems to do it).

Not wanting to get anyone into trouble is kind of weird remark, if some kind of firearm was stolen wouldn't they be in more trouble if he didn't tell it?
Maybe it's money that was stolen? What else could he have that's worth stealing?
October 6, 2020 You ask fun questions-- which will be answered in time. I tell that to Gnarly a lot ;)

And no worries about referencing other comics. If anything, it'll provide more fun stories for Pale Readers to check out :)
October 6, 2020 Oh my, he got it on camera!

Not getting anyone in trouble - for a prank, maybe?

If he has it on camera and still can't make sense of it, it's probably not a simple burglary & theft. It's just a hunch but I think we will see a face that we have seen earlier in the comic. I think two times.
October 7, 2020 I'd speculate, only it seems to always be a surprise, no matter what. It's better that way.
(The 3d also adds that sharp-edged focus. Worth the effort to become comfortable using it. Print-quality on my phone!)
October 7, 2020 I draw over the 3D models, but yeah! it has helped a lot.
October 9, 2020 I love da chief’s reaction of “ugh, alien burglars again, #RELATEABLE.” (I could be completely wrong but let me have my fun.)
October 9, 2020 You can have fun! :D
October 9, 2020 The deputy is a people person, and he knows you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and that in this small community they all have to lice with one another.
I join in RockB's prediction, and no, I wouldn't have come up with all of it without his breaking the path.
October 9, 2020 This readership is teamwork as far as I'm concerned!

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