Chapter: Run Page: 7.13


Chapter: Run Page: 7.13

November 10, 2020
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November 10, 2020 have I already read this whole chapter already? - yes
Did I check first thing to see if this page had uploaded-also yes. Interested to see if Jim actually knows more than he's letting on. I think he does.
November 10, 2020 LOL thanks for the comment :D and returning to check out this page!
November 10, 2020 Something's going on... It's in their eyes.
Another mystery to solve... If they were really friendly wouldn't she be on the other side of the patrol car?
November 10, 2020 haha that may be a complicated question to answer, but we will :P
November 10, 2020 This conversation gives me a vibe of jealousy. Have they been lovers? But it seems like she could be his daughter, age-wise. I don't know* her age but still, that's what I get. So maybe she is like a daughter to the sheriff... but this seems less likely.

What I still didn't get is what Dewey saw on that laptop.

*: Edit, inserted the missing "know".
November 10, 2020 There are jealous vibes all around. And Emma is 31 to his 40 and very much NOT his daughter ;) Check out our cast page! I actually plan to do some updates to it, not big, but hopefully that helps!
November 11, 2020 Oh my! This is Emma Bloom, who made a(n accidental?) hit on agent Ink with the help of a hot dog? I didn't recognize her, without the earrings and in running attire she looks much younger to me.

(There is one free row at the bottom of the cast page... Eventually you'll need to do something with it :P :D )
November 14, 2020 Definitely exes. Lots of subcurrents here.

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