Chapter: Run Page: 7.21


Chapter: Run Page: 7.21

February 9, 2021
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February 9, 2021 Well that is some kind of surprise!

Obvious question: What happened to his fortune?

Did his brother snatch it away from him?

(Of course I had the idea that it got poured into the Sacred Star Ranch, but I guess it would have been way too much.)

Hmpf, edit:
Every one they called was not secretive about their visit, came back several times and had only good things to tell. Looks like Sacred Star is not openly supporting some cult, the visitors didn't know about it. So, secretly? Somehow I don't like that thought either.

Moonbase was f'ing unprotected, nearly as if the cops should find it and its content. That doesn't go well with a secret cult of that level, both in secrecy and power. It also doesn't go together with leaving the body of that native girl relatively nearby, only a few miles (I guess) away from Moonbase. So, (serious) theory: Sacred star has nothing to do with it. Can't rule out (yet) that someone who works at Sacred Star is involved, but I consider even that as unlikely.

But the IDs! How did they get lost and where?

And McHenry, who didn't know where the body of the girl was (so rather no direct connection with the murder) but snatched it as soon as he learned about it. McHenry is playing on the Powerful side of all this.

The murder took most probably place at Moonbase, but the fact that Moonbase was unprotected and all the IDs were left there speaks of utter incompetence and this part is clearly not the doing of the powerful side. Also, McHenry has no clue about Moonbase.

Now, agent Ink has seen the bloody symbol elsewhere, a long time ago, and was looking for bodies with a white stone, which means that this (the murders) has been going on for a long time and all over the country. But if the powerful side was involved in the murders, why was Moonbase unprotected with the IDs in it? <- By that I meant that the powerful side is not the one who did the murders.

And what about Otto? I guess we can assume that everybody who's ID was found in Moonbase is a victim. But Otto had his ID stolen several times, one time just recently. Which throws my non-serious idea about Otto being an alien over board, because Otto is still among the victims, despite not fitting in the circle of victims.

Some parts of this fit together, others totally don't.

Edit 2, as long as no one else is looking O_o:
Nate's family & the dancing stone: Who wanted to achieve what by doing this? The family was not involved in any of this except being natives, there is no girl of the family missing, Nate has his own problems, still, I doubt that this was completely unrelated to Moonbase and/or Sacred Star. This piece doesn't fit anywhere... yet.

Then, the man-substitutes that led the group from the place where they found the body to Moonbase. Who put them there? Not the powerful side, not likely the murderers. Aliens? Maybe, but not the ones who attacked Nate's family - if that was the doing of aliens, we don't know this for sure, yet.

OK, some line breaks inserted. Should be better readable now.
February 9, 2021 just a small note -- that one officer had heard about Moonbase and presumably had kept an eye out for it for years and never stumbled onto it. the space is vast, and the people are few. that may have been enough "protection" for a long time -- though i have to wonder when the base was abandoned as well, and how much time would pass afterwards before people started "secretly" using it.
February 9, 2021 (You have to admit that a pack of feral dogs would tend to keep most people away from moonbase.)
February 9, 2021 Yes, the dogs would keep away ordinary people and tourists who just wanted to look.

But not officers, not the ones who knew what to make of the stolen IDs. And that's what I mean.

If you lead a powerful secret cult, one that can send McHenry to collect a body, you don't rely on how difficult the place is to find, unless you don't care about it, but in that case you leave nothing important there, like the IDs.
Conclusion: The ones who sent McHenry are not the ones behind the Murder.

Why steal the IDs at all? Those at Sacred Star knew the identity of their clients. If Sacred Star is involved in all this, then as a very powerful but "minor" player, one who wants to protect their clients, I think. Sacred Star might be with the group that sent McHenry but they are (with a very high probability, methinks) not (directly) involved with the murders, not this one and not the older ones Fink was following.

The ones who stole the IDs are obviously the ones who did the murders and they don't have the power to summon someone like McHenry. Who the heck are they? What for did they want/need the IDs? Some witchcraft ritual? But there were 3 IDs of Otto Bell, one should be enough for witchcraft. (A red herring to mislead the readers? Hm. Unlikely, I'd say.) So maybe not witchcraft, but I have no idea about what else.

(In hindsight, my first comment is hardly readable, I'll insert some line breaks.)

Edit, while inserting the line breaks into my first comment, I got the nagging feeling that there's a mistake (at least one) in the collection of ideas.

Meanwhile, having read Sanders' comment... So Moonbase was more hidden than I thought. That's one minor mistake... I still think that I got the big picture correct, so far. But... there seems to be something I don't see, even though I suspect that there's a hint. Hm! Hmmmm. Anyone?
February 9, 2021 I'd suspect this was/is all about money (if it wasn't for the occult ritual superstitious UFO stuff...)
February 9, 2021 OooOOOhh WHAT A TWIST.

The local crazy always has something to contribute to solving the mystery. ALWAYS!! Respect the insanity!
February 9, 2021 These are all excellent questions and exactly the kind that you should be having right now in the story! Moonbase was something that was only found because there were mysterious markers left to lead them there. At this point, the main characters don't have much else to go on so they are seeing where the IDs lead. At this point, Sacred Star is just a commonality.

There is much more to come regarding Sacred Star Ranch, the goings-on at Moonbase, Otto's history, and how these different factions fit together. A mystery is only worth its weight in questions, but I think you'll find the search for those answers to be satisfying :)

February 9, 2021 Ah look, y’all got the other 1/2 of the team to post ;)
February 9, 2021 Yay!! :D
February 9, 2021 Possible idea: if weird creatures from local myth are involved (which I’m not willing to rule out, nor that they’re aliens), people who can take on animal form show up in lots of cultures. Maybe the wallet-stealing coyote wasn’t just a one-off gag...

February 11, 2021 I suspect that the creatures in this are very important. They 'feel' important - little dog and coyote and the snake all feel like they're important pieces of the plot, compared to for example the horse. The random birds in the real world don't feel particularly significant, compared to the dream birds, but I was 100% sure from the first sight of coyote and dog that they're important. Such excellent writing and art all the way through.
February 12, 2021 So ... what IS The Truth About Cats and Dogs?
February 15, 2021 I knew the coyote was important when I got a “The Pale” mug with the coyote on it.
Coyote = trickster
February 19, 2021 hey there Lisa! I am glad you like the Mug :>

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