Chapter: Run Page: 7.25


Chapter: Run Page: 7.25

March 9, 2021
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March 9, 2021 The human side of the story.
March 9, 2021 There's always a human side :)
March 9, 2021 Plot twist!

The comic is actually about how Fink started his care home for the less fortunate. (I do hope this makes sense in English, it feels like I'm mangling the language a bit)
March 9, 2021 haha-- I get it, nw!
March 10, 2021 Life doesn't get easier...
March 13, 2021 it never does... !!!
March 12, 2021 This is first rate Evil magic or alien tech. Something very strange is going on. What happened in FBI’s past files that made them send this agent to this place on this case?
March 13, 2021 Or-- why is Fink so interested in pursuing this case :D
March 20, 2021 Ohhhh. So, he’s got HISTORY.
Is that why he carries a talisman? Is he protected? Except the rock in The girls hand didn’t help.
Oh, this is so getting even better.

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