Chapter: Run Page: 7.28


Chapter: Run Page: 7.28

March 30, 2021
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Author Notes

March 30, 2021 One of THOSE pages! Check back tomorrow and the day after for the conclusion of Ch 7


March 30, 2021 OK, trying to parse. That whole transaction, start to finish, took 1:55. Fastest gun buy in the west. And it doesn't look like Otto (is it Otto?) paid - I didn't see any money changing hands. What I can't make out is Gary's reaction - is he shocked? Surprised? It seems like Otto pauses to exchange a few words with Gary before he leaves - what was said?

And if it was just a simple robbery (or some kind of "flexible" payment plan, in Otto's cracked view), why not just report it as such? "Hey, deputy, that a##hole Otto took a gun from my store and didn't pay for it." Why all the mystery? And why was Gary so upset? If he's selling guns in a small town, I'm sure he's Seen Some Stuff (TM). So why did this rattle his cage?

Awaiting next installment... o_O
April 1, 2021 I just wanted to add-- thank goodness someone took the time to look a the time stamps! lol I debated whether to add them or not :)
March 30, 2021 Not your typical gun-purchase. But maybe it wasn't a purchase at all, like a consignment and he decided not to sell it after all.
Waiting for what follows...
March 30, 2021 Y'all are constantly picking up what we're putting down.
March 30, 2021 Whoever it was, he forgot to "buy" the ammo.

(I don't think it's Otto. Too easy to identify. No idea who it is.)
April 11, 2021 Is that the gun found by the trash can at the crime scene?

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