Chapter: The Ranch Page: 8.3


Chapter: The Ranch Page: 8.3

April 20, 2021
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April 20, 2021 That dude in the yoga pants... no. Just no.
April 20, 2021 Paying customers always look good, especially when they tip well ;)
April 21, 2021 I think a lot of these guests can get away with a lot of things...
April 24, 2021 *snort* LOL
April 20, 2021 Wearing sunglasses in the mud bath...?
April 20, 2021 Hey, if you want to be cool, you have to act the part!

April 21, 2021 Sun glasses means it is outside in the sun. Outside in the sun means the mud will bake all through. Another statue for the garden? :D
April 21, 2021 What about the candle in a glass? There are incense candles but burning them just for the scent wouldn't work well if it's somewhere outside. Another idea was that the mud bath can also be a solarium, but again, you can't get a proper tan when you're mostly covered in mud.

I guess acting cool is the best explanation. Alas... idk, wearing sunglasses in a mud bath... I can't help it, it seems like trying too hard on the coolness thing.
April 21, 2021 lol- I love this is the one panel everyone is focusing on! I found a picture of a woman in a mudbath, and she had some shades on... I honestly don't remember why I didnt draw it exact, but it's supposed to be goggles or a shade for the eyes. It's "indoors" and the candle is a good indication of that.

Mystery solved?! It could be a new fancy sleep mask or MAYBE i'll just draw a sleep mask before I print it! lol
April 24, 2021 A photo seems be even more weird, lol.

April 20, 2021 The glasses are for protection when that Big Fat Dude insists on doing a cannonball...!
April 20, 2021 That made me cackle. :)
April 21, 2021 LOL
April 20, 2021 what happens on page 8.2?
is it blank?
therefore full of possibility?
April 20, 2021 Lol- who you fooling’?! Y’know exactly what’s on page 2! XD
April 20, 2021 Huh, hadn't you mentioned page 8.2, I wouldn't have noticed that it's skipped over.
April 20, 2021 I never have a 2 page :) the numbers reflect what page it is when printed and 2 would be the interior cover.
April 21, 2021 *mic drop*
April 21, 2021 Thanks, good to have it explained.

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