Chapter: The Ranch Page: 8.15


Chapter: The Ranch Page: 8.15

July 13, 2021
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Author Notes

July 13, 2021 Here we go!


July 13, 2021 Now at least they share a secret warning system... A few words in Japanese for that heads-up. -They might need that if Otto goes ballistic?
July 13, 2021 By the way! "Tik"? And leaving his left hand out of sight??
July 13, 2021 What? You think he has a GUN or something? lol
July 14, 2021 That, or something. Can't rule out a ray gun at this point. (Maybe even a Fab-Ray - SCNR :D) Or a lighter. (Closing a Zippo makes a noise similar to "Tik")
July 14, 2021 (So does putting down a tool on a Jeep's fender.)
July 14, 2021 That was my 2nd thought.
But why did you use "ballistic"? That triggered me to have the idea in the first place.
July 14, 2021 Otto is just one of those people who goes off without too much prompting. Perhaps he has "a lot on his plate" and can't quite manage it all without some therapeutic venting?
July 14, 2021 i figured the 'tik' was him turning the radio off lol
July 14, 2021 That was my first idea, but all radios I know that you can turn off go CLick, and when Gnarly used the word "ballistic" I went "hm." -_ô "Hm!" O_O
July 14, 2021 Yes. It's all presented so it could easily be a gun (or anything else that could go "tik."
Obviously ambiguously...
July 14, 2021 Lemme put your mind at ease-- he was turning off the radio :)
July 14, 2021 Yup! Good Call!
July 13, 2021 Right? Isn't that cute :X
July 13, 2021 Now that sound looks like heavy metal!
July 13, 2021 Seconding the gun idea, although it would be unusual to use the left hand. If I were the sheriff, I'd be reeeaallly nervous right about now.
July 23, 2021 Is NO ONE worried that he's smoking whilst working on an engine? I mean, a firearm would pose a more immediate threat, but ...

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