Chapter: White Rock Page: Ch 1.33

Ch 1.33

Chapter: White Rock Page: Ch 1.33

February 18, 2017
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June 23, 2019 A bird on a stone setup. Fink will (or would) love this.

And here's my new stop point. I wanted to put some thought into commenting, thus the long delay. I'd say I made some progress, this is definitely worth spending more than some seconds on every page. So - later, hopefully in a few days and not more than 2 months.
June 23, 2019 I enjoyed reading your reactions along the way! No worries about the time spent, I'm just happy you came back and see it worth your time. Great to hear from readers-- no matter how long it takes! I'll try to go back and answer some of the q's you had along the way when I get a moment.
February 27, 2020 The bird is there to say "Yo, dumbass! Look here."

The stone man ... probably isn't an artists impression of the murderer. ;)
December 23, 2020 I never considered it to be a man, more like just a marker made with random stones laying around.

It does look a bit like a person on closer inspection, I guess.
July 9, 2021 I like the stacking stones thing. Have been known to do it myself a bit.

It's little details like this that enriches the comic, the pages, the plot, the characterizations.
December 25, 2022 The stone stack might be a variant of the old trail codes.

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