Chapter: Stray Page: 2.6


Chapter: Stray Page: 2.6

March 6, 2017
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July 1, 2019 Heh, I got distracted when looking up "Zamfir". Gheorghe Zamfir, the pan flute player.

Another thought I had: This woven artwork looks strangely digital: Lots of straight lines and sharp angles.
December 23, 2020 Who's the postman in the background? From a movieposter?
December 23, 2020 Yes! The Postman stars Kevin Costner. :>
December 9, 2021 Love the rugs!

When I'd first moved to Colorado, I went to an auction, of native American arts. Couldn't afford the pots (still don't have one), but I did get a pre-1964 rug that is darned close to a Two Gray Hills design (has red in it though. The rug was made before the standards were set, I guess.) I was lucky to have a person next to me who described what I was getting. 😊

I also got an "unusual color" on a sand painting ("done by the man who started all this". He's passed now, of course, but it was one of his last ones.)

I still treasure my pieces. And glad to see these kinds of works humanized (instead of commercialized) in your comic. Thank you.

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