Chapter: Stray Page: 2.28


Chapter: Stray Page: 2.28

April 7, 2017
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April 8, 2017 This is so cinematic.
July 10, 2019 The environment is really a Star in this comic!

Even though it'a a bit cloudy on a lonely road, I'd like to be there. The stars would be worth it.
December 25, 2022 The sky is the best thing about Arizona.
December 23, 2020 This comic makes me wish that I knew more about birds.

I tried making pictures of birds on my bike vacations this year, but that's terrible hard with just a compact camera.
October 11, 2021 Again with the reminder of Audubon. Seriously, did you study him at some point, your birds have so much life and personality, just like his do? (We had Audubon prints up throughout my childhood (and adulthood till recently) home, so I've stared at his work for hours at a time).
And yes, I'm commenting as I read for the first time, hopefully, you don't mind. I used to live for comments when I did fanfic, so I always try to give them to others!
December 9, 2021 I'm actually in bed, recovering from fracturing a vertebrae, so I can't go get my Field Guide to American Birds - Western, darn it. (It's still easier for me to use the Field Guide than the internet) Maybe the artist could post the type of bird like others list the character's names?

It would help promote the Birds' cause. Adore them myself, have done drawings of them, paintings too. I'd post them here but don't want to clog up your comic. This comic isn't about me.

It's about missing Native American girls. And the marker rocks 🙂

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