Chapter: Visitor Page: 3.23


Chapter: Visitor Page: 3.23

March 27, 2018
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March 27, 2018 Ah yes, the Face of "I Have the Morning Shift." I know it well. :p
March 27, 2018 Dawn does appreciate sleep, but she knows she can always rely on her coffee!
March 27, 2018 I take it that that teacher is known to pounce on new guys?
March 27, 2018 haha, good guess! But there may be a deeper reason Dawn doesn't particularly like Emma ;)
July 14, 2019 In the order of me noticing:
- Emma is good lookin'
- She's super nice (cursing about the stain but not the dropped food)
- still managed to catch one hot dog
- knows how to clean a suit and where to find the tools to do it
Is she married??? :D
July 14, 2019 Emma doesn't know his first name and his hobby yet...

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